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Live a Happy Life…Be Kind….

This is another in the list of traits of happy people that I found in a community newsletter.  Once again, I have no idea who to attribute this list to.  I would like to give the author credit, but I really do not know who it is that deserves the credit.  The second trait on the list is very important.  Treat everyone with kindness.  I have written something similar to this on a couple of occasions.  It really is that simple, be kind to everyone.

It isn’t really isn’t that difficult, we all love it when someone treats us with kindness, and we have been told over and over again that we should treat people the way that we would like to be treated.  I have also been told that you never know the power of a kind word or act in someone else’s life.  It does not cost us anything to be kind in fact; it rewards us to be kind.  Some will say that showing kindness is a sign of weakness; that is not true!  It takes much more strength to treat someone kindly than it does to do otherwise, especially those who are being difficult!

In our business treating others well will eventually reward us.  It is hard to fool people all the time so if you consistently treat others with kindness, people will recognize that.  Clients will refer people to their friends if you treat them well, other agents will like to work with you if you treat them well.  Most importantly, you will feel better about yourself and about life in general.  So go out and be kind to everyone that you meet. It will surprise you just how good it makes you feel and how happy those around you become!  Choose to be happy, and be kind to everyone!


Tow Mater

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