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Live a Happy Life..Problems are Challenges….

In this post I am continuing with my take on the list of traits that happy people have.  I got this list from a neighborhood newsletter.  There was no source of the list in the article.  I mention this in each post to show that the list isn’t something that I came up with.  I wish that I had!  Todays trait is to see problems as challenges.  This is not something that is new.  Many coaches and trainers have mentioned this trait in their services.  It seems like an easy thing to do, but in practice, probably not so!

To me, this is all about attitude.  When we look at problems as challenges we are excited to take on and solve these problems or challenges.  When we see them as problems, we do so with a defeated attitude.  It isn’t that we don’t realize that we need to solve the problem, rather we look at it as a road block.  Often we even develop a state of mind where we wonder what will go wrong next.  It gets us down, and affects our overall well state of mind.  I have seen and heard that we should not ask God not to put challenges in our way, rather we should pray for the ability to overcome them.

This is something that I do agree with.  We will never see any personal growth or progress if we have no problems or challenges.  Challenges or problems bring out the very best in people.  We have witnessed this lately in the horrific happenings of this past week, everyday people did heroic things.  This isn’t a once in a while thing, it is an every time thing that we witness.  Every person has the ability to overcome almost all of the problems and challenges in life.  There are a few that we can’t completely overcome, I am talking about things like death and taxes!

Seriously, we really need to change our attitude if we wish to attain happiness.  We don’t have the attitude where we feel like we’re being picked on, or singled out with the problems that arise.  It is really up to us, we can develope an attitude where we look at problems as opportunities for growth.  We really can choose to be happy.  We can be optimistic when facing problems!


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