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Live Happy…Have Big Dreams…

The next trait of happy people on the list that I got in the neighborhood newsletter is that happy people have big dreams.  We have been told that we need to have big dreams to help us find the success that we seek.  I believe that there is more to it than that, it isn’t just about dreaming to find success, I believe that big dreams leads us to be more optimistic.  When we dream big we see possibilities where those who don’t dream big may see nothing at all.

I have been in trainings where the trainer explaining this concept wants us to dream all the details of the big dream, how it looks, feels and smells.  This puts realism into the big dreams, it fuels the desires that the big dreams spark.  I believe Thoreau said something like it is okay to build castle in the sky if you put the foundation on the ground.  I know that I probably butchered that, and should have taken the time to look up the quote.  The point is, dream big, then work hard to make those dreams come true!

There has been very few accomplishments of note that weren’t preceded by a big dream.  The old saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day is true, but equally true is that it wasn’t built without a dream.  So be happy, have big dreams then make those dreams come true!  Even when they don’t come true, it’s okay, dream something else big and make it happen!


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