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Monday’s Motivational Thought…

The only thing wrong with going out of town for even a day is that it can put you behind in what you normally do. Many of you know that Darcy and I took a day trip Saturday for a family reunion.  It was a good time and it was fun to see cousins that I rarely see.  The only problem is that this morning, I am trying to think what it is that I haven’t done as of yet that still needs to be done.

This nagging thought actually leads quite well into my quote for the day.  The quote comes from Tony Jeary who is a speaker on business and business success.  Anyway here is the quote:

“Success comes when people turn what they’ve learned into the daily habits that breed success.”

That is so true!  We have oodles of information that we have gleaned from various sources, what we really need to do is figure out what of that information works for us and our styles and incorporate that into our daily habits. I really believe that success comes from habitually doing the right things.


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