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Motivational Thought…At Least Something to Think About….

How many of us find pleasure in our career?  Maybe a better question is how many of us find joy in our career?  This difference is something that I really hadn’t thought about until I read this quote.  It really got me thinking about the distinction between pleasure and joy.  Here is the quote:

“A test of what is real is that it is hard and rough. Joys are found in it, not pleasure. What is pleasant belongs to dreams.” Simone Weil

I like this quote, I find pleasure in some TV programs, watching Sporting events things like that, but I find joy in things that are real.  By that I mean, things that I have to work for.  My relationship with Darcy brings me the greatest joy in my life for example.  I find great joy and satisfaction when a deal closes.  Looking back, some of the most memorable deals that we have closed have been those that until they actually recorded, we weren’t sure that they would.

I really believe happiness is found not in pleasure, but in this definition of joy.  Pleasure in this sense comes from something that you really have nothing vested in.  It isn’t something that you worked for, strove for or yearned for.  Things that bring joy are not things that you’re entitled to, rather things you aspire to and work towards.  How much happier would our society be if we stopped looking for what gives us pleasure and instead worked for what brings us joy? 


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