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North Salt Lake Market Review for the Past 30 Days….

In the past 30 days there have been 25 homes sell.  The lowest price home sold for $120,000, the highest price home to sell was $1,025,000.  The average home price that sold was $290,160.  The median days on market was 9 days.

Home prices in markets with such a wide variety of home sizes and prices can skew the average sales price on homes.  It would take a lot of lower priced homes selling to offset the effect that the sale of a couple of million dollar homes would have on the average.  It is a great indicator just how strong the market is when homes are still selling above the million dollar range.

The real astounding number is the median days on market, homes are going under contract in just 9 days.  Homes just aren’t staying on the market, and this number includes a house that sold for over a million dollars.  Homes in that price range tend to stay on the market for many more days than home in the lower prices tend to.

This trend really illustrates the need to have a good Realtor working for you if you are looking to buy a home.  The homes in this market are going under contract very quickly, so you will need to act and do so quickly!  Sellers really need to have a good Realtor working for them as well.

Sellers will want to make sure that their home is priced correctly and is shown only to qualified and ready buyers.  Sellers don’t want have their home sit on the market, the perception will become that there is something wrong with their home.  Hiring a good Realtor is essential!


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