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RE Bar Camp Las Vegas…Revisited….

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what new and exciting thing that I learned in RE Bar Camp Las Vegas.  I am not sure that other than some cool new I pad and Droid apps, it was more of a rediscovery of things that I have heard about and because I had not implemented them, had forgotten about them.  One was the “Aha” moment of just how lacking my participation on Twitter has been.

There are a lot of areas to work on Twitter that may help Agents in larger Metro Areas much more than it would help us here in Cedar City.  The idea of following tweets of people that are moving to say…Las Vegas, and engage them in conversation.  Not to put the full court press on them, but just become part of their conversation, then afer building a relationship, then work towards making them clients.  There was a lot of discussion about just how important Social Media is in our business.

The point was brought out that referral network for example was well worth the effort to spend the time online to establish relationships with other Realtors, Home Inspectors, Lenders etc..  It is so much more comforting to refer someone to an agent that you have a feel for.  By that I mean you have interacted with them online, you have read their blogs, you have an understanding of how they do business based on their writings, it just brings a lot more peace of mind as the referring agent.

It was incredibly interesting to listen to agents talk about systems that they have built to accommodate completing 40 or more short sale transactions a year.  I wasn’t able to get any of them to spell their system out, but it was interesting to listen to them.  I loved that there were some people there like Renee Burrows, that eventhough we had not met in person, it felt like we had known her for a long time.  We had people that had followed our blogs that said the same thing to us.  That is a great feeling!

There are so many things in the area of technology that we (the C Team), could do a much better job with, things like using video in our blogging, and integrating more of the social media into our marketing efforts in a way so that it is more effective without taking every spare moment that we have in our lives.  I have found that for me, RE Bar Camps are wonderful events that create an information overload when I attend them.  I love them for the networking opportunities that they are! 

My take away thought from RE Bar Camp Las Vegas, was to tighten up my social media efforts.   I also found that we need to integrate a more conversational tone into those efforts.  I need to make sure to create content on places like Twitter and Facebook in such a way so that people keep us in mind when they are looking to buy or sell Real Estate in Cedar City!  It is also more than just creating content, it is becoming a larger part of the conversation as well.  The content I feel that I was becoming successful with, but following and commenting is something that I really need to work on!


Nice ‘Vette!


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