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Real Estate and Earthquakes

Now that the panic from the Earthquake that rocked the East Coast and Midwest has subsided some, I wanted to do a series of posts about living and owning Real Estate in an Earthquake Zone.  I don’t wish to do this to frighten anyone, nor discourage anyone from living in areas where earthquakes are possible.

I will be honest, I have lived in areas where there are active earthquake faults nearly all my life and have been very lucky.  I think that the largest earthquake that I been through was either a 4.9 or 5 on the Richter Scale. It was strong enough to scare you, but didn’t do a lot of damage.  Darcy, having grown up in California has been through several worse than I have experienced.

I think that is important to point out that Earthquakes make great news, but the severe ones are pretty uncommon.  You are infinitely more likely to be injured in a car accident than you are in an Earthquake.  There is no need to live in fear of an Earthquake.

It is interesting to me the force that the Earth generates when it trembles like that.  I am not a geologist, so I am not pretending to be able to describe all of the conditions and types of earthquakes.

As we know most of the damage comes from the shaking of the quake.  But did you know that most of the injuries that people suffer come not from structures falling, but from things from inside of buildings, TV’s, pictures mirrors, books and other things falling on top of people.  In fact, in the Northridge Earthquake in California over 55% of the people who were treated for injuries cited falling objects as the chief cause of their injuries.

I know that when we see collapsed freeway overpasses and collapsed buildings, those are the images we see as the main culprits in injuring people.  The people injured in those types of scenarios are generally much more seriously injured, but serious and even fatal injuries can occur inside of relatively undamaged buildings.

The injuries that occur inside of undamaged buildings are the ones that are the preventable, and the ones that I want to write about.  I attended an Emergency Preparedness Class a month or so ago, where I got a wealth of information of both simple and complex things that we can do to try to minimize injuries inside of our homes and offices should an Earthquake strike.

I hope that I do not frustrate anyone with the manner in which I write these posts.  I want them to be short enough that people will read them, yet have enough information to do you some good.  Now that I have written the preamble, I will begin with the good stuff!


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