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Real Estate & Earthquakes…Inside The House….

I have set you all up with the preamble of having Real Estate in an Earthquake Zone.  Now I want to discuss some of the things that you can do to cut down on injuries and and Possibly on your possessions.  We are going to start with the interior of your house or office.

The first thing to do is to move any tall furniture and bookshelves away from beds and sitting areas.  At the office this means even your desk.  Along with moving the furniture and bookshelves away, move all heavy artwork and mirrors away from your bed and sitting areas.  Then hang that framed artwork on closed hooks to prevent it from falling during the shaking.

Secure all loose objects (like vases, decorative bowls etc.) on your shelves or tables with removable earthquake putty,  museum wax or earthquake gel.  Move really heavy and breakable objects to lower shelves and secure the bookshelves themselves to the wall studs with flexible mount straps at each corner of the bookshelf.  Using flexible mount straps will allow some movement independent from the wall without adding strain to the studs.

In the kitchen secure all cabinet door with the childproof style or boat style  fasteners, especially overhead cabinets.  This will help to keep china and other pots and pans from flying out of the cabinets during and earthquake.  Secure all appliances with earthquake straps.

It is also a good idea to secure all TV’s, stereos, microwaves and computers with flexible nylon straps and buckles.  This will allow for easy removal and relocation.

My desire is to keep these posts short enough to have them read, so I am going to end here and discuss the garage and utility rooms in another post.


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