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Technical Question…Facebook Questions…

Darcy and I were finishing up with the second Tech Tuesday at our office and one of the other Realtors in the office had a question.  We set up Facebook Fan pages last week, and this agent had linked the fan page to their personal page.  Today when she tried to post listings onto her fan page and have them show upon her Personal Page wall, nothing happened.  It was showing up on her fan page on the wall but wasn’t showing up on her Personal page anywhere.

The kicker of this is that an hour earlier she had entered two other listings that worked just like they were supposed to!  We tried deleted it and reposted and re-entered it.  It was just being a pain in the butt!

We finally got it to show on The profile page on her personal page, but never on her wall.  We even tried un liking her fan page from her personal page then re liking it.  It still wasn’t working.  Darcy checked the help section and found that it was supposed to automatically populate the wall of anyone who had “liked” that fan page.  It was strange, and the only time that I have seen this.  Any ideas or suggestions?


View from our ERA office looking East.


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