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Thinking of Building in Unicorporated Iron County Utah?

There are some things that someone that is going to be building a new home in the unicorporated areas of Iron County should know.  As of the first of this year, the Iron County Commission has added other required reports be done for each building permit issued.  NOTE: THIS IS NOT EACH SUBDIVISION, it is EACH Building Permit.

Those are Geologic Reports to show that there is nothng wrong with the geology of the lot that the permit was issued for.  There IS AN ADDITIONAL Report needed in certain Zones in the County and if there are problematic soils on the lot where the permit was issued.  (In this area, Blue Clay is one of those soils).

You will need to have at least one of these studies done at your cost even if you’re adding on to an existing home if it enlarges the footprint of the house.  You will also need these studies if you’re getting a permit to add any structure larger than 600 Square feet to your property, or anything else requiring a building permit.

In the past, developers may have been required to do this to get a new subdivision platted and approved, now it is on each lot inside of the subdivision in the unicorporated parts of the County to have these studies done.  Those building inside City Limits are exempt from these reports as of now.  (This is going to make Building Lots remaining inside City Limits much more valuable.)

If you have any questions please contact the Iron County Building Inspectors Office. (435) 865-5350

There is also a link to the new ordinance at: http://www.ironcounty.net/


Home in Unicorporated Iron County

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