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Thoughs for Saturday…What is your Niche????……

What is your niche?  I am not sure what ours is, our community is a small one.  We have about 40,000 people in the area in which we work.  We sell the entire spectrum of homes and have sold multi units.  About the only thing that we haven’t done nor tried to do is straight up commercial properties.  We have worked the entire spectrum of residential.

We love working with first time home buyers, but then we love working with sellers, investors and anyone else!  Darcy got into real estate as a property manager, and was very good at it.  Our brokerage didn’t allow an agent who did property management to sell real estate at the same time.  So she has almost given that up.  She has maintained a unit for a client that would leave the brokerage if they can’t work with Darcy. 

We have also worked with new construction, and resale homes.  In a community of our size, we think that it would be hard to make a living by specializing in just about anything.  If a person we listing specialiast, there would be enough business, so I guess that is what we are, listing specialists!  We do love the process of a real estate transaction, even the snags and problems that almost always arise.  What is your niche? 


House in Cedar City

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Cedar City, Utah; please give us a call.  We would love to earn your business!

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