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A Thought for Friday…..

This past Ground Hog Day as have all other ground hog days in my lifetime was special.  You see I have a Dear Aunt whose birthday just happens to be February 2nd.  She was as much a Grandmother to me as she was an Aunt, I am sure that many of us have an Aunt or someone like my Aunt Golda.  Aunt Golda passed away a few years ago, but the reality is for the most part, we lost her many years ago.  She was a victim of Alzheimer’s.  That is a horrible and insidious disease!!!!  As I reflected on my Aunt Golda as we passed her birthday last week, something has been tugging at the corners of my mind.

I will be honest, it has taken the better part of the week to figure out what it was that began tugging as just a fleeting thought that I may have been missing something, then grow into the what have I forgotten near panic.  Tonight, I realized what it was.  We as Realtors, spend so much time trying to be perfect.  We want the perfect listing presentation, the perfect open house, perfect system to generate and convert leads.  We promise to give 110% or more.

In my case, I have been racking my brain what I can do differently to generate business.  We moved offices this past October.  It has been a great move.  We love being RE/MAX agents!  One of the drawbacks is that one of the other agents market and prospect much the same way that we have been doing.  This is making it much more difficult to differentiate ourselves from anyone else in the office.

Consequently, I have been trying to come up with new strategies and really different things to do, which is difficult.  I would like to think that I am already doing everything that I can do to earn business.  I know that you need to continue improving, adapting and changing, this is a business where change happens and often very quickly.

The point that I am getting to is that I have put a lot of pressure on myself to come up with the perfect system, along with streamlining our existing systems perfectly.  I have had a headache for weeks; exercise and ibuprofen have done almost no good in cutting the headache.

Then, from somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I heard my Dear Aunt Golda’s voice.  It was saying “Do your best!  If you have done your best;  that is all that you can do.”  Too often, I put too much pressure on myself.  I am not naïve enough to believe that you cannot improve upon what is currently your best effort.

Through continually giving your best effort, combined with a thirst for knowledge and listening to a mentor or a coach you will grow.  Your capacity to accomplish the things in your career will increase, which makes your best effort better than it was the day before.  The opposite is also true, when you aren’t giving your best effort, your ability wanes and your best effort will not be what it once was.  You begin to “phone in” your efforts, your work habits deteriorate and you can get really lazy.

So the moral of this post is, Do your best, it really is all that you can do at any given time.  There is no 110%, there is 100%, the extra 10% or more will come from constantly giving 100%.  By doing that, and constantly improving yourself, that 100% will grow exponentially!


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