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Thought for Today…

I don’t often write posts about the World anymore, it isn’t that I don’t have hope for this World, quite the opposite, I have great hope for this world.  We are doing and seeing things that I would not have dreamed possible as a child.  We are also losing much of that innocence that those my age and older nostalgically yearn for.

We remember a time when that jerk at the grocery store was Mr. Jones.  We also remember that the Cat Lady down the block was Mrs. Jackson.  The same Mrs. Jackson who used to drop homemade cookies by the house.  We fondly remember playing with Timmy and Johnny or Suzie and Ellie, and couldn’t wait for summer, so we could play outside all day long!

What happened to those days of our youth?  Sadly, I don’t know.  I have thought about it for quite awhile, and really don’t have any answers.  A little over a week ago, one of the Statewide Newspapers in Utah published an article about the importance of teaching our children civility as it pertains to enhancing their future.  It was a fascinating article:  (http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765590535/Teaching-civility-a-crucial-step-in-helping-a-child-build-a-future.html)

I couldn’t help but think to myself how much better my life and career would be if people, including me, were more civil with each other.  I know that I was raised to be more civil towards other people.  I think about the clashes that I hear about with other agents, and my first thought is how I would do things differently.

The answer is, I would be much more civil with them.  Acting with civility towards others by its very nature shows that you respect the other person.  I do believe that those two things are becoming as extinct as the Dodo Bird in today’s society.  I was raised by good people who taught me that I should respect other people, at least until they did something to lose that respect.  At that point, the “there is no excuse for being rude training” was to take over.

I will admit, I do not demonstrate my parents long hours of teaching as often as I should.  This is something that I am going to change in my life.  Being civil to another person is NOT a show of weakness, if anything it is just the opposite.  Being rude is easy and therefore weak; being civil is difficult and takes discipline and courage. 

In a world where the common civility, respect and decency of humans is definitely waning, it is time for those who miss those simpler times to stand up and show the world what strength civility, respect and decency has to offer to each one of us.  We need to start doing this before these traits are as gone as those endless summer days of our youth.



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