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Some Thoughts on Active Rain….

A week ago Darcy and I attended Agent Reboot in Anaheim, California.  It was a great opportunity to learn how to better use the tools of technology to grow our business.  One of the main points that came out of it was that it was a good idea to post your blogs in several places, but you should have a main “hub” for those posts.  I have in the past attempted to do this but began thinking that it was a little too much work.

With the information from Agent Reboot, we have realized that the reason that we all blog is to increase our business by increasing our SEO.  We realized that we have not done a great job in building our web site SEO.  With that in mind, we have decided that we need to be doing a better job at using our web site as our blog hub.

I know that I have not been very active here on Active Rain for the past month or so, don’t get me wrong, I love Active Rain and will continue to add posts here.  I will admit that we are somewhat apprehensive of the recent purchase by Trulia.  I am not convinced that this is the best direction for either Market Leader or Active Rain.  I understand that is my opinion, and I am sorry if I offend, but I am choosing to be skeptical rather than toeing the company line.

I have respect and trust for the leadership of Active Rain.  The Conspiracy Theorist in me is just skeptical in nature.  I hope that I am wrong; I would hate to see this great resource changed in any way from what it has been!  I do enjoy the relationships and treasure them and the knowledge that I have gained from being a member here.

I do look forward to a long and continued relationship with our friends here at Active Rain!  I do hope that we continue to see in roll along unchanged in it’s form and purpose!


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