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Training is Important…

One of the important things to look for when hiring a Realtor is their training.  Market trends, conditions and technology change very quickly.  It is very important to have a Realtor who takes the opportunity to get training and keeps up on new trends and ideas.  The C Team has spent the day doing just that.  We spent the day in Agent Reboot sponsored by Inman News.  We drove to Anaheim, California to attend this training.

We have seen technology changes and shifts in the past five years that we had never before seen in our industry.  My cell phone has more storage capacity and operational ability than the first desk top personal computer that I bought.  I remember when I bought that computer all those years ago being amazed at the things that it could do, and this was before Windows came along!

I shake my head at how much computers have changed and how our communication styles have changed.  There was no texting option with the first cell phone that I had, the cell phone was huge compared to my smart phone, and there was no camera, video nor Angry Birds available on that phone!

I can now carry my favorite books, music, access movies and TV shows, play games, take photos and video, email, browse the internet, chat, text and actually make phone calls with my smart phone.  In other words, things have changed!  It is important for your Realtor to keep up with these changes!

When you hire someone to help you buy or sell your home, make sure that you hire someone who is willing to invest in the training to stay current with changes and new technology.  The C Team has made the investment to keep up with the trends in technology.  It didn’t hurt that the pursuit of this training was held across the street from Disneyland!


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