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Tuesday’s Thought…Waiting….

Waiting seems to be something that we are hearing a lot about in the Real Estate Market.  At least in the Cedar City Real Estate Market, we are.  Buyers want to wait until the Market bottoms out, sellers want to wait until the market improves.  Realtors want to wait until the market picks up.  I found a quote this morning about waiting that really speaks to the subject of waiting:

“Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don’t count.” ~ Dr. Robert Anthony

This is so true, we can wait, and wait and wait, but what is the outcome of all of that waiting?  Nothing!  I used a quote by Thomas Jefferson in my post yesterday that touched on this subject, and it is true.  Waiting brings nothing!  

Buyers that wait for the market to bottom out will only know when it has hit bottom when prices begin to rise, more than likely interest rates will also have risen by then.  Sellers may miss out on being able to move to home or an area that is more disreable to them, because prices will have risen.  

Realtors who wait until the market picks up, may be out of luck.  Others will have stepped in and taken over the meager market share that the waiting realtor had.  If it makes sense, do it!  I am not saying to allow impulse to govern our actions, but waiting just to wait, doesn’t make sense either!

You must use reason and that often lost commodity common sense to decide what is prudent, but once you have made that decision, then act upon it!


If one looks hard enough and is brave enough, there is always a way through!

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