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Tuesday’s Thoughts and Musings……

Last night Darcy and I made one of our Costco trips.  The Costco is in Saint George, so it is a trip for us, and we don’t make them all that often.  While we were riding in the car, we were listening to Brian Tracy’s Book on Goal Setting.  It is a great book at least as far as we have listened.  One of the interesting things that I got from the first part of the book is that we need to make goals in all aspects of our lives, not just in business.

I have not done a great job in goal setting in business and really haven’t done a lot of goal setting in the other aspects of my life.  I combined that with Reading Russel Ray’s post on goals that I read today, and I have resolved to really set down my plans to paper.  I have been one of those who keeps in mind what I want to accomplish, and don’t really write it down.  No more, I am making a concerted effort to write down my goals, followed with a daily to do list to achieve those goals.

Anyway, it has been a good evening and morning as far as where I see myself going, and figuring a plan to get there.  I do hope that you will take time to plan out your business, relationship, health and social goals! 


Remember, Life is what YOU make it!

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