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Tuesday’s Thoughts…Baseball and things…..

I have been trying to think of something deep and profound to write into a blog for the 31 day challenge.  I was sick of the News Media’s coverage of the Mission to take out Ossama Bin Ladin.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel the same National Pride as many of you do, I am extremely grateful to those brave Navy Seals who not fearing what could go wrong, who accepted and carried out this Mission.  I get that it is an important objective on the War on Terror.  I just don’t like the overkill from the media!

So I turned to Sports, I didn’t watch any of the NBA playoff games last night, therefore I didn’t know who had won their games.  So I turned on Sports Center this morning and found out that the two road teams had won.  They then did a story on Andre Ethier’s now 28 game hitting streak.  That really is an amazing feat!  What is even more amazing is that only 3 players have had hitting streaks get to 44 games, “Wee” Willie Keeler, Pete Rose, and of course Joe DiMaggio. 

The amazing thing to me is that when DiMaggio hit in 56 straight games, and when Willie Keeler hit in 44 straight games there were only 8 teams in each League of the Major Leagues, The other interesting thing is that pitching staffs then consisted primarily of 4 Starting Pitchers each.  That meant that there were basically 32 starting pitchers in each league, most of whom were expected to pitch most of, if not the entire game. 

So my thought turned to the idea was it easier to hit against pitching in those days or in today’s game where there are twice as many teams, pitching staffs typically have at least 5 Starting Pitchers, and all sorts of relief specialists.  Pitchers today seldom finish games that they start.  So you have a case to be made that the overall pitching was better in Keeler and DiMaggio’s game, because there were a lot fewer playing at the Major League level, you had to hit against the best of the best.

The advent of the relief specialist, the slider pitch and pitch counts (the number of pitches that the team allows each pitcher to throw during a game), means that as a hitter, you are seldom facing a pitcher that is exhausted as the game reaches a conclusion, so although the pitching may be “watered down”, you are facing a fresh arm. Which is more difficult, facing the best of the best, someone that you would face many times during a season or a game, or a fresh arm that you may only hit against 2 or 3 times a year?

How does this apply to Real Estate, I am not sure, but I ask, which are you?  The one that sticks with the tried and true, best of the best, things that have worked in the past,  or someone that is willing to try new and inventive yet ethical things?  Which is the best method?

I would submit that it is a combination of the tried and true methods and some new things, find what works for you, but remember the “hit” in all this is meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations!

A Funny side story, the Great Old Time Player, Ty Cobb was a baseball game with a writer not long before he died.  The Slider Pitch had become a major pitch that that was being employed in baseball in the time since Cobb had retired.  The writer asked him what he would hit at that time with the use of the slider.  Ty Cobb replied that he honestly thought that he could hit .270 (his career batting average was .367).  The reporter asked, is the slider that difficult to hit?  Cobb answered, Hell no, I am 70 years old!


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