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Vehicle Advertising…Helping or Hurting Your Business???

As some of you know, we are currently in Anaheim.  We have attended the Inman News sponsored Agent Reboot session.  We chose to drive from Bountiful to Anaheim.  It works out the best for us and our dogs,.  It allows us to have someone watch the dogs who they are familiar with as we drop them off in Kanarraville in Southern Utah.  That isn’t the point of this post.

The point that I would like to make in this post is while driving we notice the driving skill or lack thereof of many drivers as we passed through parts of 4 States.  We noticed almost innumerable company vehicles along the way.  Some had simple door signs or decals, while others were elaborately decorated with decals and even vehicle wraps.  This is an effective way to advertise, we have in the past, had decals on our vehicles with our names and website information.  We would notice dramatic increases in the number of hits on our website when we would go on vacation.

What I would really like to discuss in this post is do we really help our business when we drive like maniacs in our company vehicles?  I can think of 3 companies minimum whose vehicles cut me and several other drivers off, flew past going well over 100 MPH or a combination of the above that I would not call if they were the only company to come up in a Google search.

I don’t know whether they will take time to stop and consider what our driving patterns do to help or hinder their brand.  I am sorry, if you wish to endanger my family’s lives (along with my own), with your aggressive driving, you have kissed my business good bye!  Not only that, I will make sure that should any one ask me about your company, I will not be giving you any favorable recommendation!

In today’s world of cell phones and constant and on going communication, if you’re going to be running late, you can call.  You don’t need to drive as though you are competing in Le Mans!  When you really think about it, you really can undo a lot of time and money that you have spent building your brand and reputation with just one trip down the road!  Whether you receive a ticket or not, that speed racer mentality driving can cost you a LOT of money!

I know that I like to drive a little above the speed limit on long trips, so I really have to watch myself.  I have noticed that I really do have a better trip when I relax and realize


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