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Wednesday….I need to get some writing done!

Here it is Wednesday and this is only the second blog that I have written this week.  When things start out not necessarily bad, but just don’t go as planned, it can get the whole week off kilter!  We started out Monday to go and take photos of our new listing in Brian Head. (More on it later!) 

We left fairly early Monday Morning, went by the office to get a sign, had to rummage through all the cruddy signs, (note to self; keep the good signs in your garage.  It is amazing how quickly your name rider comes off of the straight, clean shiny signs!)  We were going to help out one of our office mates and put a sign on a lot listing that they have. 

I didn’t mention yet that we had a downpour Sunday afternoon.  Our elevation in Cedar City is about 5600 feet above sea level.  Brian Head is a ski resort, it’s elevation is around 8000 feet above sea level.  It actually snowed in Brian Head Sunday afternoon.  It had mostly melted by the time that we got up the mountain. 

Our plan was to shoot a bunch of photos of our listing, put up the lock box and sign.  Go to the other listing and put the sign up, then sneak off and take some photos of the mountain.  Two things conspired against us.  I don’t know if you realize it, but only the main roads in Brian Head are paved, it usually isn’t a problem in the Winter as long as they’re plowed. 

In the Spring, it is a different story, that particular story is MUD!  We were foolish enough to choose gas mileage over 4 wheel drive and left the GMC Yukon home.  It gets terribel gas mileage!  The car did okay for awhile, then the mud got deeper and the rear end of the car kept trying to swing around to the front of the car.  Think of the old cartoons when the rear bumper passes the front bumper. 

We didn’t get going that fast and I was able to steer out of the fish tails.  The product of growing up driving a rear wheel drive car in the snow!  We went to our listing, to say that it was a quagmire is being kind, the run off combined with the new storm created standing water.  It is a gorgeous listing and in a couple of weeks it will be so much fun to go up and spend time there!  For these few days, not so much. 

Mistake number two reared it’s ugly head, we both thought that the other had recharged the camera’s batteries, so we were able to get some great shots of the listing, just no extra shots of the mountain.  We drove back down the mountian, flinging mud as we went down the road.  I haven’t flung mud onto the windshield of a vehicle since I was a teenager and it was intentional until Monday!  I forgot how much fun and how funny it can be!

Anyway, the hijinx is over, now I still need time to really get the car cleaned off!  I really do want you restate that right now the road are muddy, but in a couple of weeks, Brian Head will be one of the most gorgeous places to spend some time around!  It is really beautiful there!


Brian Head in the Winter


Another Shot of Brian Head in the Winter


Brian Head Last Spring


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