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What I am learning from the NBA Playoffs…..

At least in the Western Conference the NBA Playoffs are turning out to be quite interesting.  The Jazz faded terribly, and didn’t make the Playoffs, so I have only been watching half heartedly.  I was interested to listen to all the “experts” and who would win it.  Most of them had the two preseason favorites playing in the NBA Finals.  They had Lakers Playing the Heat in the Championship. 

That may still happen, but things have gotten interesting.  The experts may still prove to be correct, but it seems like there are things that you can’t predict completely accurately even when you have a lot of experience in a chosen field.  Things that I have noticed while watching the snipets of the Playoffs that I have:

1. The one thing that I am learning watching the Spurs and Grizzlies play, as well as the Lakers and the Hornets, you still have to play the game.  On paper, the Spurs and the Lakers should have run away and hid from each of those teams respectively.  Both the Spurs and Lakers were far superior teams during the regular season.

2. There is no substitute for self confidence, enthusiasm and confidence, The Grizzlies and the Hornets seem to be playing with an abundance of each of these.  The Grizzlies are on the brink of pulling off one of the biggest upsets in the history of the NBA Playoffs.  (They almost pulled it off except for a clutch 3 point basket last night!)

3. Teamwork is the key to teams winning.  This is a little different for individual agents, but it still applies.  The Heat have looked great when they have played as a team, and the Celtics look tremendous, with a different leading scorer in each of their 4 wins over the Knicks.  In Real Estate, even idividual agents have to have a support team to keep them going!

4. Experience is important. The Celtics sweep is a key example of this, so were the Spurs last night, they didn’t panic with 1 second left, trailing by 3 points.  They ran a set play and the basket went in, sending the game to overtime where they were able to win.  The Lakers are another great example, they just don’t panic, they draw on their experience and succeed.  There really is no substitute for experience!

5. Trust in your Team!  The Celtics had a different leading scorer, it wasn’t one of the Spurs perennial All Stars that took the last second shot.  The Heat have looked unbeatable when the Big 3 have all played well along with the other role players.  This could include the Mortgage Broker, Appraisor, Title Company etc.  Build a team that you can trust

6. Have fun, The Hornets and Grizzlies in the few minutes that I have watched, have acted like they are having a blast playing the game.  Have fun doing Real Estate, and show it!  People can tell when you do!

I am sure that I am missing somethings, but I really have watched a total of an hour of basketball during the Playoffs, but there are things that we can draw from what little I have watched.


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