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Woods Cross Market Review for the Past 30 Days…..

In the latest of the series on the Real Estate Market in Woods Cross, Utah we are looking at the numbers from the past 30 days.  The purpose of have a year, 90 and then 30 days is to show what the real estate trends are in Woods Cross.  We are only going to look at the sold numbers of single family homes in this post.  Single family homes that are in active status are the same for each of the time frames, so that information hasn’t changed.

In the past 30 days there were 15 single family homes that sold in Woods Cross.  That is a high number when you compare that number to the number 25, which is the number of homes showing in active status on the Multiple Listing Service.  One of the interesting trends in the past 30 days is that the highest price of a home that sold has been trending significantly downward from the past years numbers.

The most expensive home to sell in the past 30 days is $357,900, which is $54,100 less than the most expensive home that sold in the past 90 days.  That 30 day high price number is $88,656 less than the most expensive home to sell in the past year.  This trend could be that the market for the really high end homes in Woods Cross isn’t very strong.  There a couple homes listed in the $350,000 and above range.  The homes in this price range also tend to be on the market much longer than the homes in the lower price ranges.

The lowest priced home that I found to sell in the past 30 days was $140,000, up from $118,299 that I found in 90 days.  The median home price remained at $220,000, that number reflects the huge difference in the prices of the highest priced homes to sell in the different time frames.

Another amazing figure is that the median days that homes are on the market is 6 days!  Homes are selling in extremely short times.  This trend is really showing that home that are well priced are selling very quickly!

As I mentioned these numbers show why it is so important to select a quality Realtor!  Sellers wishing to sell, there may be no better time to sell your home!   Sellers this is also why you need the expertise of a quality Realtor to price your home correctly, make sure that only qualified, ready and able buyers are being shown your home.  Another reason to hire a quality Realtor is of course to help and steer you through the negotiation and closing of the contract.

Buyers, this shows that there is no time to be indecisive!  We are very much in the if you snooze, you will lose real estate market. This means that if you want to buy in Woods Cross, you really need to be ready to go.  You will want to have secured your financing by speaking with a lender and having everything in place with them.  It also means that.


Mountain View from Woods Cross Main Street

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