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Working with Generations….

I know that I have vented a little earlier in my last post.  Thank you for allowing me to do so, I try not to do that very often.  Darcy and I have been going through some growing pains with a teenager the past few weeks, and it has opened my eyes to a class that I took over a year ago.  One of the sections was on managing workers from different Generations.  This is applicable to working with them in the Real Estate industry as well.  These are very basic generalizations, but they may help.

The class put the on the generation of those born prior to 1945 as the Tradionalist Generation.  When you have clients from this generation, remember that they support traditional values.  This is the generation that uses titles, Mr., Mrs., they will speak in formalities, and expect the same respect in return. 

This is the generation that learned to sacrifice and save to buy things, they only went into debt for major purchases, like their home or their car.  Remember to treat them with respect, they will treat you with respect, and expect the same sort of treatment in return.  Values are important, don’t promise and not deliver!

The Baby Boom Generation, They are usually fairly optimistic, team oriented.  They like the relationship part of the transaction.  Build a strong relationship with them, and they will be loyal to you.  They are good at reinventing the norm, they have worked hard, paid their dues both of which are important values to them.  They are less formal, but still appreciate being shown respect.  This is a generation that is comprised of good communicators, so make sure that you do your best to communicate with them.

Generation X, many of us fit into that category, we were the original latch key kids.  This generation is self reliant, creative, tech savvy.  This generation is also flexible, looking for balance in their lives, they are not loyal to a corporation or business like the earlier generations were. 

This generation is much more private and individualistic than the Baby Boom Generation.  This is a results driven, multi tasking generation, they love having a lot of information!  Trust is very important to this generation, build a relationship based on trust with this group.  This is a generation that skills and training are very important to. 

The Milennial Generation, they too are optimistic, confident and high achieving.  They want to feel that they are in control, yet are very social in nature.  They love interaction and feedback.  Make sure that everything you’re doing relates to them, the ask questions and don’t take much for granted.  They love have access to as much information as possible, don’t skimp when sending information to this group.  They are informed, and results driven. 

They have grown up with technology, so make sure to communicate with them in the form that they prefer, whether it is by phone, or electronically.  They love texting, email and anything that comes from the net.  The are computer literate and use the latest technology.  One thing to remember is that this generation, like the Baby Boom Generation is huge and will be entering the housing market in large numbers over the next several years.  This is another generation that expects you to show them respect. 

This is just a thumbnail sketch of each of the Generations that we will work with. it is still all about building relationships, so it comes down to doing what you say you will do, and treating each person the way that they wish to be treated.  I hope that it helps!


Zion Overlook from SR 14


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