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Bramblewood…Market Update 7/23/2012…

The Cedar City Real Estate Market has several homes in Cedar City that were built in the 1980′s, one of these is the Bramblewood Subdvision.  Bramblewood is located at the Northern end of Cedar City, near Interstate 15.  Bramblewood like many of our subdivisions, in that it has duplex styled “twin homes” as well as detached single family homes.  These have been popular with first time buyers and the twin homes have also been popular with investors.

There are currently 4 homes listed for sale in Bramblewood, ranging from $74,900 to $199,000.

Market Update 7/23/2012:  There are currently no homes listed for sale in the Multiple Listing Service.  In the past 12 months there have been 6 homes sell in the Bramblewood Subdivision.  The sold prices on these homes ranged from $39,000 to $55,000.  There are no lots currently listed for sale.

Bramblewood is one of the great investor and first time home buyer subdivisions in the Cedar City Real Estate Market.

Here are some photos:


One of the homes in the Bramblewood Subdivision.


Another of the Twin Homes in the Bramblewood Subdivision.


One of the Single Family Home in the Bramblewood Subdivision.

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