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Cedar City Area Subdivisions…Northridge..Market Update

Another great subdivision in the Cedar City Real Estate Market is The North Ridge Subdivision.  It is located in the county, just outside Cedar City limits, but near enough to still be a good option.  It is a new subdivision, which means that there are still several choice lots to build on.  It is located on the west side of the mountain.

This is a higher end subdivision, it has large lots, many of which offer great views of the Cedar Valley.  As I mentioned most homes are upscale and the lots are all 2 acres or larger.  There are currently two homes listed for sale in North Ridge one at $279,000, and a larger home listed at$650,000.

Update 4/13/2011 There is one home currently listed for sale in the Multiple Listing Service.  It is listed at $650,000.  Once again, this is another of the great upscale subdivisions with acreage in the Cedar City Real Estate Market.

Update 8/1/2011:  Currently there is 1 home listed for sale in the Multiple Listing Service.  It is listed at $250,000.  Northridge reamains one of the more desirable subdivisions in the Cedar City Real Estate Market!

Here are some photos:

North Ridge Sign Post.

A North Ridge Home.

Another North Ridge Home.

Views from a North Ridge lot.

This is a great new subdivision with many possibilities, the large lots, which as you can see many have Juniper or Pinion Pine trees on them, insure privacy and plenty of room!


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