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Cedar City Subdivisions….Cross Hollow Hills….

Cross Hollow Hills is another great subdivision in the Cedar City Real Estate Market.  Cross Hollow Hills is just South of the  North Ridge Subdivision.  It is South and West of Cedar City, it is also in the County.  It is an older subdivision, by that I mean that it has filled in a lot more than North Ridge, it was built in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Like North Ridge, it is on larger lots, lot size beginning at 1.75 acres and up to a little over 3 acres.  Unlike North Ridge, there are animal rights in Cross Hollow Hills, which allows you to have horses.  It is like North Ridge in that it is a high end subdivision, meaning larger, custom homes.  It also has lots that offer views of both the West Cedar Valley and Views to the Mountains East of Cedar City.

There are currently 5 homes listed for sale in MLS in Cross Hollow Hills ranging from $399,000 to $500,000.  It is a beautiful area, secluded with trees and a view.  Very nice homes, in a quiet, rural setting.

Market Update 4/13/2011 as of today the Multiple Listing Service has 6 homes listed for sale in the Cross Hollow Hills area.  They range in price from $299,900 to $699,900.  This is a great subdivision with upscale homes on acreage.  Cross Hollow Hills is a great benefit to the Cedar City Real Estate Market.

The C Team Real Estate Photography

The entrance sign.

The C Team Real Estate Photography

Some of the homes at Cross Hollow Hills.

The C Team Real Estate Photography

More homes in Cross Hollow Hills, plus the View to the South East. (Mostly East)

The C Team Real Estate Photography

Views of the Cedar Valley to the West.

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