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Cedar Mountian Villas Market Update 2/27/2012

The Cedar City Real Estate Market has a few subdivisions that were casualties of the Real Estate Market meltdown.  One such is Cedar Mountain Villas, it is one of the subdivisions that was in the beginning stages of construction when the market crashed.  This really is too bad, Cedar Mountain is one of those subdivisions that has wonderful potential.

The Cedar Mountain Villas is one of the newer subdivisions in Cedar City.  It consists of twin homes.  These are really nice homes, usually around 1600 sq feet of living space.  It is still being built, having gone through the slow down.

There are currently 4 homes listed for sale in Cedar Mountain Villas ranging in price from $139,900 to $157,500.

Market Update 2/27/2012:  There are currently 3 homes listed for Sale in the Multiple Listing Service.  They range in price from $117,900 to $134,900.  In the past 12 months there have been 9 units sell in Cedar Mountain Villas.  The sales price ranged from $116,000 to $143,000.  There are currently no lots listed for sale.

This is a subdivision with really nice twin homes and a great deal of potential in the Cedar City Real Estate Market.

There are, as I mentioned some being built, here are some photos:


Cedar Mountain Villas Homes Under Construction


Cedar Mountain Villas Homes


Cedar Mountain Villas Homes another look

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