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Imlay Subdivision Market Update 2/6/2012

I mentioned in another subdivision blog that the Cedar City Real Estate Market has some great older subdivisions that were built after World War II.  The Imlay subdivision is nestled in among them.  The Imlay Subdivision is literally right next to the Max Lunt Subdivision, to the South.

It is also very near the Campus of Southern Utah University.  It’s homes were built a little later, the one home I found on the MLS was built in 1980.  It is also a very quiet subdivision with mature trees. The Imlay Subdivision is very stable the only sold I could find in our MLS was from 2007.

There is currently nothing listed for sale in the Imlay Subdivision.

Market Update 5/28/2010:  There really isn’t anything to update in the Imlay Subdivision today there are still no homes for sale in our Multiple Listing Service.  The Imlay Subdivision is one of the really stable, desirable subdivisions in the Cedar City Real Estate Market!

Market Update 11/23/2011: Still there are no homes listed for sale in our Multiple Listing Service as of today.  Like I said this is a very desirable part of town, and one that it is rare to have anything hit the market!

Market Update 2/6/2012:  There are still no homes listed for sale in the Imlay Subdivision.  Because of its stability, there have been no homes sell in the past 12 months.  This is one of those hard to get into subdivisions, because no one wants to sell once they have purchased there!

Here are some photos:


Imlay Subdivision Home


Another Home in the Imlay Subdivision


Another Brick Home in the Imlay Subdivision

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