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Legacy Estates Market Update 12/31/2011…

The Cedar City Real Estate Market doesn’t have a lot of gated communities.  In fact Legacy Estates is our first and currently, only gated community in Cedar City.  This is a subdivision of Mansions.  It is a small subdivision in number, but not in size of the homes.  The entire subdivision is not gated, just the select mansions inside of it.  The subdivision its self is still comprised of custom or executive size and style homes.  This is an exclusive subdivisions  These homes don’t come up for sale very often.

The Subdivision was built in 2004.  There are currently no homes for sale on our MLS.

It is an exclusive subdivision with gorgeous homes for those that can afford them!

Market Update 5/3/2011  Legacy Park as a whole has been hit very hard in the economic downturn.  It’s prices have seen huge reductions and in fact, there are 3 homes listed for sale in the subdivision ranging from an unheard of $199,000 to still bargain priced $349,000.  Legacy Estates is still one of the shining  jewels in the Cedar City Real Estate Market!

Market Update 9/11/2011: There are currently no homes listed for sale in the Legacy Estates Subdivision in Cedar City.  This is our most exclusive subdivision.  It was an anomaly to have had 3 homes listed in May.

Market Update 12/31/2011:  There are currently no homes listed for sale in the Multiple Listing Service.  In the past 12 months there haven’t been any homes sell in Legacy Estates.  This is an extremely exclusive and small community.  It is truthfully one of the most desirable locations in the Cedar City Real Estate Market.

Here are the (I do need to sneak back in and update these) photos:


Legacy Estates sign


Legacy Estates Custom Home


Another Custom Legacy Estates Home


One More Custom Home in Legacy Estates

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