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Paragonah….Market Update 9/19/2012….

I have mentioned that in the Cedar City Real Estate Market there are several smaller cities that are extremely delightful little cities.  Paragonah (pronounced Paragoonah) definately qualifies as one of these little gems.  If you are really looking for a quaint, quiet place to live, Paragonah may just fit the bill.  This town is approximately 4 miles North of Parowan and is still small enough that it doesn’t have a school.  What it does have is a nice variety of homes.

There are many styles of homes to be found in Paragonah, from Pioneer Homes, to new custom homes.  Paragonah is next to the mountain, so seeing deer and other wildlife is pretty common.  Homes don’t generally stay too long on the Multiple Listing Service.  There are currently 3 homes listed for sale in Paragonah ranging in price from $258,000 to $369,000.  Most homes are on a minimum of a half acre lot.  All in all, Paragonah is really a nice asset in the Cedar City Real Estate Market!

Market Update 9/19/2012: There are currently 7 homes listed for sale in the Multiple Listing Service.  These homes are listed in a price range from $109,900 to $310,000.  In the past 12 months there have been 3 homes sell.  These homes sold from $62,000 to $90,900.  There are currently 4 lots listed for sale.  These lots range in price from $52,000 to $199,000.  The lots range in size from 1.24 to 20 acres.

If you are looking for a quiet lifestyle that reminds you of living in a simpler time and era, Paragonah may just be what you’re looking for!

Here are some photos:

The.C.Team.Real.Estate.PhotographyParagonah Town Hall


Pioneer Home in Paragonah.

If you’re interested in a property in Paragonah, or any other city in the Cedar City Real Estate Market, contact us.  Our email address is: info@thecteamrealestate.com or you can call 435-701-1812. If you want to search the listings in the Cedar City Real Estate Market here is our website:  www.livingincedarcity.com   One other thing we are taking listings now to get them on the market for the Summer and Fall Real Estate Market.  We would love to help you sell your house!

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