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Do You Ever Wonder Why……


Do you ever wonder why there are certain people in this industry?  I sure do!  Monday, Darcy and I were in Los Angeles as I have blogged a couple of times about.  We received a call from a potential client wanting to first look at a house then put a cash offer on the house.  We told him that we were out of town, but that we would refer him to one of our associates who would take care of what ever he needed.

Our Associate called the potential client, got all of the information that he needed to proceed, he then called the listing agent to make an appointment to see the house to put an offer in on.  The client was then called back and arrangements were made to meet up once the listing agent returned the call.  As of 11 AM Wednesday, the listing agent still hasn’t returned any of the 5 or 6 phone calls that our associated made. 

He (our associate) was emphatic that he left a voice message with each call stating that our referred client was really interested in writing an offer if he liked the house.  Still no contact from the listing agent.  I know that the broker needs to be contacted, but it sometimes makes you wonder why they ever got into the business in the first place.  Because from what I am seeing it wasn’t to assist people in buying or selling their houses.  I just don’t get it!


A Victorian Home in Parowan

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