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Life through the Windshield of Your Car……

I commented on Michael and Cheron Lange’s post the other day.  I don’t know whether Michael or Cheron wrote it, but whichever they apologized for taking a beautiful picture of a hot air balloon through the windshield of their car rather than getting out of the car.  I commented on the post that I liked the photo, in fact, we have taken a lot of great photos through the windshield and side windows of our cars through the years.

In keeping with the Wordless Wednesday photography theme, I decided that what I wanted to do was share some of what I believe to be some of our better photos taken from the car, most while driving down the road.  Granted I am usually driving and Darcy is taking the pictures, or vice versa.  Sometimes life comes at you pretty fast, and you need to just take a picture and later, stop to enjoy it!


Cedar City from the “C” Road


Going Towards Virgin on the Kolob Reservoir Road


Rock Outcropping on the Kolob Reservoir Road


Zion National Park from the Kolob Reservoir Road

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