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Thankful Thursday…Life….

I found a quote that made me stop and think.  I know that everyone goes through troubling times.  Nothing is easy, at least for very long.  So I am thankful that in this life, I have adversity to make me a better person.  It seems like there is always someone that handles life’s ups and downs with such ease and grace that they never seem to have any adversity at all in their lives.

I aim to become like one of those people.  I have a long, long way to go before I get to that point, but it is a goal of mine.  Anyway here is the quote that got me thinking:

“Things don’t go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~ Charles “Tremendous” Jones

It is one of my goals to become the person that I was intended to be!  Anyway, I am thankful that life gives me the opportunity to grow into that potential!


I hope that once I become what I was intended to become, I can enjoy more days at the lake!

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